Why You Should Consider A Paint Job After A Collision?

When it comes to collision repairs, losing your car’s appeal is one of the major heartbreaks a car owner has to go through. Collision repairs are not always about getting your bumpers or panels fixed; it’s also about safety and ensuring that the vehicle is working & there is more to it. To restore your car to its original condition, you must handle any cosmetic issues after a collision.


What Is In A Paint  Repair Job?

A paint repair job is usually a clear coating over the worn-out paint that protects it from dust, dirt, and everyday wear from the roads and gives out a neat matte finish. The newly applied paint will protect your vehicle from preventing rust & dust accumulation & help maintain the quality of the auto parts, keep the car safe to drive & last longer.

Can Auto Insurance Pay Repaint My Car?

Yes, most insurers would cover the cost of your paint job if it was under collision coverage. Whether your insurance company will pay or not depends on the policy you have. Following a collision, if you were not at fault in the accident, it maybe covered by the other driver insurance company; however, it all depends on the specifics of your accident. If you have an insurance policy, the cost will get covered under the policy. And, you are unsure about your policy, check with your insurance company for assistance.

Where Can I Paint Job Done?

Well, here’s the big deal. Many things can go wrong with a paint job, and it’s essential to find a quality paint shop that will take care of your car & offer a good job.

  • Look for a collision repair shop that is great at matching paint colours. They enter the paint code from your car to find the exact colour and use high-quality branded paint. This way, you can ensure that your car paint job is done to perfection.
  • They will clean the vehicle before painting it & they tape off the areas that won’t be painted. By doing so, it helps to minimise the dirt that gets under the paint.

If you’re looking for a reliable collision repair service that offers top-quality paint jobs, call Bell Collision on 03 9478 8370.

5 Questions To Ask A Collision Repair Service?

Car collisions are inevitable and downright exhausting physically, mentally and financially. However, you can bring it back to life with professional panel beating services. Whether the panels are badly damaged or the car bumper has fallen off, all can be fixed and restored to perfection by a collision repair service. However, if you’re a first-time customer of collision repair, there are many things to consider when taking your car in for auto body repairs after a collision. As a car owner, you have the right to ask these collision repair companies about their services, reputation and other things related to fixing your damaged vehicle. If you’re planning to hire a reputed smash repair service, here are the best questions to ask an auto body repair shop. Let’s get started.

Does the auto repair shop provide a concrete, tailor-made written estimate of all necessary repairs?

When it comes to estimates, you need to know what repairs will take place, why they are needed, and the cost of each service. So, never settle for a general estimate that lists the total cost without a cost breakdown of each repair. Sometimes, you may even fall under the trap of hidden charges. So ask for a tailor-made quote for your damaged vehicle.

Does the auto body shop have experience working on different makes and models?

When you own a rare vehicle or the latest luxury vehicle from any brand, make sure the auto repair shop is adept in handling all sorts of modern cars with complex engine types, advanced and branded. This way, you can leave your vehicle for repair with confidence.

Does the auto repair shop cover all types of repair work your car needs?

When it comes to collision repair, not all auto body repair shops can offer a full range of repair services. Some may specialise in only a few types of repairs. You need to do a little bit of research to find the list of auto repair shops that can perform the work you need without sending you to another shop for other services.

Should the auto repair shop be a certified one?

The best auto body repair shops have certifications, good reviews & client testimonials. Also, their technicians have the knowledge and skills to repair your vehicle to its original specifications & are up-to-date on the latest in repair methodologies.

Does the shop assist you with processing the insurance claim?

If you’re a first-time bell collision repair customer, you must ask the collision repair service about insurance claims. Most auto repair shops have a good association with major auto insurance companies and can work it out. So, it can save you time while ensuring you get reimbursed for all costs you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

If you’re looking for collision repair services or panel beating services across Melbourne, call 03 9478 8370.

How To Prevent Your Car From Rust?

Do you have rust in your car? Rust is a cosmetic issue that can get serious when left untreated.  If you’re unaware, it will lead to corrosion and ends up in complete exterior damage. The rusty spots can be prevented definitely, but it is good to avoid them the first shot. Whether you live in an area that receives rainfall or in a dusty area, your car may get rusted due to oxidizing of iron metals. However, if you’re ready to avoid the issue, learn! It’s that simple & we’re going to tell you how you can. Let’s get started.

Smash Repairs Thomastown

Car Wash

If you’re a responsive car owner, you will know the importance of a professional car wash. To stop car rust, make sure to wash properly & get rid of corrosive debris, grime, salt & other dirt that gets accumulated. You must also check the drain holes, bottoms & rocker panels & other areas underneath where mud and snow possibly get stuck. Also, have an eye on surface rust that forms when your car’s paint breaks down over time. It can also happen due to mechanical damage and exposure to UV rays.

Waxing & Polishing

Waxing your vehicle can help rust-proof your vehicle & provide double layer protection to your car, adds a beautiful shine that your car had lost. You can hire a car detailer or leave your vehicle to a smash repair shop near you to resolve the cosmetic damage. They’ll professionally handle the faults and issues and ensure to give a neat finish.

Paint Correction

Whether the rust is severe, you can even go for paint correction services; they’ll scrape the rust off from the vehicle.  Once the rust gets scraped off, primer is applied, then the right paint is sprayed to colour match your vehicle. You can also protect them with a paint protection film and keep your vehicle looking cool & brand-new.

If you’re looking for ways to prevent rust from getting onto your car or want to hire a professional auto repair shop, call Bell Collision on 03 9478 8370 today.